About Stallion and Bunny

2 sex addict boys (Asian+White) who escaped their conventional life, leaving everything behind.
We make recordings of our sexual adventures while traveling around the world and share them with you!

Join us now on the adventure!

We love to fuck and share our naughty moments with you

Surprisingly we haven’t met through a dating app, we got to know each other in a house party where both of us got a bit drunk, and well, you can guess what happened after we found ourselves in one bed in the morning… it’s a pity we weren’t recording back then!!

…so we had always been a quite naughty pair ever since that night when Stallion took Bunny’s virginity.
We had been fucking almost every single day ever since, finding the chemistry in all the imaginable places, wild forests, backseats of trains and buses.
Our age gap only adds to the kinkiness, and is one of the things that really spice up our sex besides the fact that we are an interracial couple coming from very different backgrounds.
It never got old for us, but city life really does bore you at times, stripping you of your imagination and limiting the possibilities in natural pursuits, and that’s why we decided to escape our conventional life and leave everything behind…

Escaping to an arid island in the Mediterranean

So we backpacked through Europe, and decided to settle on an island in the middle of the Mediterranean…
While getting accustomed to the torrid climate as opposed to the chilliness at home, we rediscovered our natural instincts on a rock in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, living in a tranquil seaside village.
New things do excite the senses every day and it’s especially the case when it comes to our sexual appetite.
We started to explore our neighborhood and found ourselves in this wonderland for sexual adventures, stunning seaside, thrilling cliffs and breathtaking lagoons, coupled with otherworldly mysterious abandonments dotted around the shore.
So we found it irresistible to leave our marks everywhere with our GoPro recording all the hottest sessions and sharing them with you. This was where the Adventure started!

Moving to the Iberian Peninsula

After almost a year of fucking in secluded lagoons, sea caves and abandoned palazzos on this baron rock in the sea, the isolation and confinedness of island life inevitably crept in.
So we decided to move back to the Old Continent and to continue our exploration and travels, and to look for a country home maybe somewhere remote and green.
So we set out for land, but to a completely new place…
And we find ourselves on the Iberian Peninsula, with its beautiful and vibrant landscapes stretching endlessly and still far from the madding crowd, it would make an ideal base for our dream life, one with nature, living on our remote farm.
It’s bound to be a whole lot of adventure ahead which is just about to get started…
…With a Coronavirus lockdown…

Spending almost 3 months in total lockdown and in a beautiful Spanish seaside town meant that we had some of the steamiest and best time exploring our inner sexuality and letting loose that energy in confinement, before continuing our journey following the route of the famous “El Camino”, all the way to Santiago, and from there headed down South to Portugal.
Months of trekking and roaming on our feet wasn’t without its toll, and the beauty and vibe of this magnificent country made us believe that we had found our second home, and that’s when we decided to settle down at least for a while, starting with a short rent in its beautiful capital, Lisbon…

Newest Update! We bought a farm!!

After some hesitation, we decided to settle down somewhere, we needed a place we can call home! We fell in love with a tiny remote village on the Iberian Peninsula, and bought our very own farm with a decent sized land, plenty of fruit trees, a 100+ years old stone house, and a sexy barn (where have hot sex on the hay stack)! We are officially real farmers now.. of course we will resume traveling once we are done with the renovations and the COVID situation clears out a bit, but one always needs a place to return to. So happy that we can have our very own love nest (partly thanks to you guys)!

Why you are important for us

It is also a huge turn-on for us knowing that there are people like you who would be enjoying peeking into our most private moments, and this makes us continue building a healthy relationship with one another while keeping us going sharing the other side of our life with you…

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