Gay Boyfriends Wake-up Fuck

Gay Boyfriends Wake-up Fuck

Adventures of Stallion and Bunny – Episode 213


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He used my throat to lube that monster and facefucked me till I choked!

Waking up in daddy’s big arm is every sissy boy’s wet dream, and mine has a controlling interest in getting my hole filled with his piping hot load before making a coffee.

Soft caress can turn into heavy petting real quick if you let daddy take control. Stallion’s veiny cock deserved all the worshipping it got.
He used my throat to lube that monster and facefucked me till I choke. He pulled out with my saliva still bridging and played hard with his twink boy’s smooth body while having my face buried in his musky armpit licking him.
His wild scent is the best aphrodisiac.

Gay Boyfriends Wake-up Fuck

Our cocks were so excited from the kinky foreplay that precum was oozing out from the tips, hanging like a dew, just in time as lube for some deep side fuck.
Stallion daddy spooned me up with his big muscly legs and gently slid in his throbbing rod from the side stretching me open.
It barely fitted but once it’s in, there’s no holding back as he pounded me to the corner, then rode on me doggystyle, fucking his pet boy till he winced.

I held tight on the edge of the bed feeling my man thrusting in his every last inch of his veiny cock in me, hitting my prostate so hard that I moaned like I was possessed.

Then he picked me back up and closed his body in on me head to toe to breed in all his fertile seeds deep down my boy hole, making sure not one drop is wasted, getting me to explode hands-free too all over myself…

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