Sub Bottom Boy Bred Deep!

Sub Bottom Boy Breeded Deep!

Adventures of Stallion and Bunny – Episode 201


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It was easy to pick him up in my lap after the heavy weights. Then I folded him up in my arms and let him down slowly on my pulsing veiny cock!

We had a challenge. We’re gonna find out how many times I can breed my Asian twink in a row, and it turns out I haven’t wasted a drop yet for months. His tiny body is keeping my seeds in well, except when it overflows a little every time from the sheer volume of my loads.

Bunny’s vest feels tight on me as I push and pump in our home gym today, lifting weights as heavy as him. And sometimes I might just need a little massage from my fun size twink who happens to be training in the same vest as me, although it’s barely hanging on his skinny smooth boy body. Seems like I could sure use one of those around my crotch to relieve that gym boner a little. I got him to squat down on the side and cool me down a little by licking my sweaty armpit like a horny badger. He seemed to enjoy sniffing and munching my wet hormone, so I gave him double pressing his head all the way down my body until I felt my cock touching the back of his throat.

Sub Bottom Boy Breeded Deep!

It was easy to pick him up for some gay workout sex in my lap after the heavy weights. Then I folded him up in my arms and let him down slowly on my pulsing veiny cock! I got him to slide down all the way from the side balls-deep, getting his toes clench in pleasure still in his bamboo slippers. After getting his set of horse riding for the day, it’s time for him to be under, holding the bench tight and let me wreck his undefended hole to my pleasure. That small waist fits perfectly in my palms as I grab him up to pound him hard. The muffled moans and sound of my crotch hitting his bum made me dump yet another big load of protein right in that bussy as it deserves. The cum rushes as I keep pounding making sure they stay inside nice and tight. I made the twink wince in pleasure.

And that’s not it for my sub bottom boy, I used the overflow of my cum as lube and edged him right there on the cum drenched bench until draining his balls on his own tummy…

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