Worker Dominates Tiny Asian Soccer Boy

Worker Dominates Tiny Asian Soccer Boy

Adventures of Stallion and Bunny – Episode 24


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The worker then put the tiny sucker down on his knees and began to take down his own pants to unleash his heavy-duty tool

The soccer boy had to let in the handyman after the match. The worker stud finished the last job of the day before catching the naked butted twink in his soccer socks, and decided to teach him an extra lesson right on the chair.
The boy turned out to enjoy it more than the match!

After the hard work he’s done, the sweaty handyman walks down the doorway to get with his dirty working boots still on, and right at the end, the twink comes out from the toilet and is caught naked-butted.
Still in his sweaty striped kit, and long socks only, looks like he’s just been naughty and was about to jerk himself off in the toilet.
He decided to teach him a lesson so that he’d behave when his parents are not home…

Worker Dominates Tiny Asian Soccer Boy

The muscular working man takes the little soccer boy by his shirt and got him close and reached down to the twink’s half-erection to make the twink confess to his mischievousness.
He has to tell the story of how he and another graffiti boy had sweaty gay sex in sweatpants outdoors just the other day.
Having heard of the naughty confession, the handyman stood closer now pushing his heavy tool against the boy’s stomach, it’s been tucked in all day in that workpants and now he finally has a chance to let it out at his will.

The hungry worker sat down on the chair and started to have his way with his boy, he slapped and grabbed him by his butt and pulled him onto his lap.
The boy rode onto the workpants to kiss his daddy grinding his crotch and his butt was rubbed and spread, with his feet hanging in the air in dirty sock.

Worker Dominates Tiny Asian Soccer Boy

The worker then put the tiny sucker down on his knees and began to take down his own pants to unleash his heavy-duty tool, the kinky boy went down to under the chair on his back and reached for the big man’s hanging weapon, bending down and wrapping the sweaty hard rod all in his mouth and went up and down on it like athletically.

Our sweaty worker jock continues to strip down ignoring his huge cock getting sucked and finally spread out his muscular thigh and his cock jumped from the boy’s mouth to the top banging on his sweater.

He buried the whole veiny cock into the boy’s tight sweet ass

He stood up with his tool swinging in the air and the soccer boy knelt on his big work boots to worship the tool laid over his face.
After a getting gagged deep-throating, he agilely escaped to the worker’s backside crawling under his crotch, but the big man caught him soon enough and now had his boy bent down on the chair with butt spread out to serve.
He put the boy on the chair tucking in his legs in sport socks and penetrated the innocent player with one go, burying the whole veiny rod into the boy’s tight sweet ass.

The boy had to raise upward and spread out his feet from the gaping, moaning and begging loudly. The stud doesn’t stop and instead put the boy down again straddling sideways on the chair to spread out his boy puss even more.

He pushed his meat all in again balls-deep into the unexperienced gatekeeper’s hole

He pushed his meat all in again balls-deep into the unexperienced gatekeeper’s hole and kept on punishing the player making the chair shake and with two heavy thrusting, breeds the boy deep as imaginable before pulling out to paint all over his body.

He pushed all the cum back in before the player can pull together a defense, now he has to climb up with an ass-full of cum. But the rough worker wouldn’t let him go yet, instead he sat him right back to the cum-drenched chair went behind and jerked to drain the little footballer’s erection.

Worker Dominates Tiny Asian Soccer Boy

With the soccer boy’s last juice thudding forward onto the doorway floor, the worker tucked back his driller tool, grabbed his tool box and went out through the front door, leaving the boy reeling in exhaustion from what just happened on the now broken chair.
He has some explanation to do for the mess they made when his parents come home…

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