Christmas Morning Gay Love

Christmas Morning Gay Love

Adventures of Stallion and Bunny – Episode 30


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He was handling my morning boner and pushing his against my backside

Stallion loves to destroy Asian boy’s ass, especially that of his lover boy, but this time he went easy on it. Although we’re all naughty and kinky about sex all the time, who doesn’t enjoy a good old romantic love-making first thing in the morning this Christmas?

Stallion woke up early to unwrap his Christmas present this morning, he opened up the bed cover and found a sleepy bunny under it, all naked, that was me.
We never actually give each other Christmas gift and instead we decided to reward ourselves with a good old gift exchange with our bodies.

Christmas Morning Gay Love

Half-awake, he jumped onto the bed beside me to wrap me around with his body pumped for shooting some gay Christmas porn.
He reached over with his hand, making me giggle, and before I realize if I’m still dreaming or not, he’s already handling my morning boner and pushing his against my backside.
We started to exchange late Christmas kisses before he licked all the way down my body while squeezing my erection with his strong hand, playing his teen’s nipple with his tongue and started to play with my ass.

Christmas Morning Gay Love

We continued to kiss while slowly and gently making love

Being wrapped in his warm sweater I surrendered myself to get Stallion’s way. My stud grabbed his own bulge, slowly pulled down his sweatpants, wetted me with our saliva and slowly slid in his love inside me. The feeling of him inside made me feel so safe.

We continued to kiss while slowly and gently making love, now with my legs in Stallion’s arms. He wrapped and gave me all the warmth he got, and I started to touch my overheated dick oozing out juice from the pleasure.

The romantic love-making from the side on our comfy bed brought us so close and connected to each other, we melted into each other deeper and deeper until climaxing at the same time.
With love juice dripping down my hand and swimming around in my hole, Stallion said me to my ear: ‘Merry Christmas’.

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